Scanning Services

Scanning Services

For film based images, scanning is the foundation for a great print. Since 1995, NancyScans has been at the forefront of fine art scanning. As great scanning is an art and not a craft, company President, Nancy Olson continues to do every fine art scan herself.

The Heidelberg Tango is considered by the fine art community to be the benchmark for quality drum scans. NancyScans served as Heidelbergs sole North American site for beta testing of Newcolor 7000, the 16-bit software the drives the Tango. The Tango has a D-Max of 4.2 and offers 11,200 uninterpolated dpi. To improve this fine art tool, Heidelbergs color scientists responded to our needs and developed custom controls whereby we can offer virtually NO unsharp masking. Today, when many scanning businesses have closed their doors, NancyScans runs 2 Tangos 7 days a week to catalogue fine art for artists, private collections and museums.

For original art that can\'t be wrapped on the Tangos drum, we offer fine art captures completed on flat bed technology that meets NancyScans quality level.

As you think of new ways to create, keep in mind our 3D scanning technology. 3D scanning allows you to grow the narrative. You can bring your art or models to our facility (or we can come to you). You direct the talent as we capture 3D scans of your vision. Once captured, we can fabricate the files into a variety of substrates that can then be texturized and printed.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST